Scalp Micropigmentation was developed by SCALP Clinic. It represents adding pigment to one’s scalp which makes it look as if the hairs have been shaved. This pigmentation process was first developed by the co-Founder of SCALP, Ian Watson, in 2002. He wanted to create a new method that combines many techniques that were used before that moment. He first used it because he actually had a hair loss problem. Some years later, this has become one of the most famous techniques for treating hair loss which is a problem for many people all around the world.


The procedure is completed over a number of sessions. In these sessions the practitioner would apply pigment to your scalp in tiny dots that each represent a shaved hair. These pigments are applied by small needles directly into the derma of your scalp. The sessions don’t usually take long – about one to four hours but 2 or more sessions are required in order to get the desired effect. Most clients need 2 sessions but in some cases more are necessary.

The pigments that are used by SCALP Clinic are pure black pigments which makes them the most appropriate ones for this procedure. It is really important for everyone who intends to have this treatment to know that tattoo inks and permanent makeup are not at all suitable for this procedure. If you ever hear from someone that the procedure should be done with tattoo ink, for example, run away and never come back because this wouldn’t end well for you. After all, this is your hair and it is something you are obliged to show every single day. You should be very careful when choosing where to have this treatment.

The most important thing everyone should check before undergoing this procedure is whether their practitioner is experienced enough. If the clinic you visit offers you the best service with the most highly trained practitioners, the only people who need to know about your treatment are those you choose to tell. Aside from that, no-one would ever know.