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Our expert SMP® practitioners at SCALP Clinic achieve consistently flawless results. Watch a selection of our satisfied clients talk openly about their experiences…

Nick’s video blog (after treatment):

Biles’ video blog (before treatment):

James’ video blog (before treatment):

Nick’s video blog (before treatment):

Rob’s video blog:

For a guy that’s going through hair loss, after years of head shaving, there’s nothing more confidence building than this treatment

David’s video blog:

After suffering from male pattern baldness and losing his hair in his 20s, David Richards undergoes Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment at the SCALP Clinic on Harley Street in London.

Arin’s video blog:

Arin turned to Scalp Clinic to help him regain his looks and his confidence when he started suffering from thinning hair a year and a half ago – and he’s still smiling today!

Denis’ video blog:

Alopecia had made Denis life a misery for months. Until he realised how Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment could help. Now his hat-wearing days are over…

Benedict’s video blog:

Actor Benedict Garret gradually noticed his thinning hair and initially turned to ‘cover up’ products to help disguise his hair loss. But he admits he soon discovered the downsides to this approach.

Frankie’s video blog:

After starting to lose his hair in his mid-20s, comedian Frankie Allen tried several ways to replicate hair growth – without success. Then he discovered SCALP Clinic and Scalp MicroPigmentation…

John’s video blog:

When a hair transplant left John Ross with a nasty scar across the back of his head, the clinic that had operated on him actually recommended Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Andy’s video blog:

Andy Parker had been worried about going bald ever since he started to notice his hair thinning when he was in his early 20s. That’s when his friends started ribbing him about it too.