Excellence, paraphrasing the words of the great Aristotle, is not a singular act but what we repeatedly do. It is a consistent performance of what a person habitually does, day in and day out. This is not a result of an overnight endeavour. A lot of time and focused effort goes into perfecting one’s craft. Mastery does not stop there however as a true student of his field will continue to push the boundaries, seeking areas where he can improve and become better.

This is a trait that any potential client looks for prior to entering into business with a service provider of such repute. They want to be reassured that the value received will at least be commensurate to the price paid before it is rendered. It sets a standard in place to temper expectations and provide a reckoning point to assess its performance. Being able to confirm its existence however would only be possible after the service is given.


The risk of the actual outcome falling short of its promise is minimised through prior feedback and conscientious research. Finding more about it online should be coupled with actual stories from real people. It increases the accuracy of any positive or negative review. Asking some basic questions regarding the service provider’s skill can help determine the quality of his work. This can of course tend to be quite tedious however at the price a potential patient is supposed to pay for an excellent scalp micropigmentation treatment, it would be a case of clear-cut negligence not to.

There are some promises made that go beyond what can actually be accomplished during a procedure. For example, it is not true that the pigments will last forever. They will fade in about four to six years depending on its aftercare and the immune system of the patient. Next, treatments cannot be completed in one session. It will take at least two in order for the technician to have enough bases to decide if it is finished or not. Also, there are no three-dimensional pigments available. They are all two-dimensional. Though it would a welcome development, the current definition of what an SMP is would make something like this border on the absurd. Another claim is that these pigments can be created with a matte finish or can accurately match the patient’s skin tone. These claims do not agree with what is actually done in real SMP. They are at best whimsical statements engineered to evoke the reader’s curiosity.

It is highly advised to begin with the best in the business and see how others compare. The SCALP Clinic located on 100 Harley Street is among one the premier SMP providers in London. Its founders are the ones who actually developed the technique. They continuously find ways to innovate and improve their services and is the leading authority in anything related to SMP. The SCALP Clinic is very sensitive to its client’s needs, offering a private and friendly environment to cater to their requirements. A prospective patient can rest assured that their best interest is its primary concern. Every case is treated with the utmost professionalism and discretion.