How much does SMP® treatment typically cost?

The specific Scalp MicroPigmentation cost for a course of expert and highly effective treatment at SCALP Clinic naturally varies slightly from client to client. Because it really all depends on the intensity of the treatment you require and your desired look when all treatment is complete.

scalp micropigmentation cost

As a general guide, our scalp micropigmentation cost between £500 to £3,000. If you’re suffering from significant hair loss (rated as Norwood scale level 7 pattern balding), your course of three treatment sessions is likely to cost about £2,500. SMP® treatment to achieve full coverage with the look of a closely cropped hair style on a completely bald head (total alopecia) is charged on a sessional basis. Usually, the price is somewhere around £1,000 per session, with three sessions typically being required to successfully treat the severity of this type of hair loss condition.

The best way to get an accurate price for the treatment that’s right for you is to book a free initial face-to-face or telephone consultation with us. Alternatively, feel free to send us a couple of photos of your head, so we can show you the effect that we can achieve for you and provide an accurate price at the same time.

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