Diffuse thinning

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP®) can be very effective in helping to overcome problems associated with diffuse thinning and balding.

Our pioneering SMP® treatment can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of any remaining thinning hair and can effectively disguise a visible balding or diffuse thinning crown. Our expert practitioners can create a very natural-looking and subtle result when SMP® is used to complement any remaining hair.

Just like the way in which temporary concealers work, SMP® treatment will provide the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair and less contrast between the colour of the skin on your scalp and any remaining hair colour.

Diffuse baldingHowever, because Scalp Micropigmentation  is a permanent treatment, it doesn’t restrict you from going to the gym or swimming pool, for example.

SMP® also helps to limit the shine on the scalp, which annoys a lot of men who suffer from thinning hair and find themselves in the earlier stages of the Norwood Hamilton Scale.

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