Combined (SMP® & HT)

Scalp MicroPigmentation provides the perfect complementary procedure for hair transplant clients, helping to both enhance the effects and camouflage surgical scars.

As our reputation has grown, we’ve found that more and more hair transplant (HT) patients are coming to us because they’re interested in using SMP® to enhance their look. As a result, some of the world’s most respected hair restoration clinics now refer clients to us, either prior to or following a hair transplant procedure.

SMP® is a suitable complementary solution for hair transplant clients in two ways: to camouflage strip and FUE scars left by hair restoration surgery, and to provide an illusion of greater density for those clients with insufficient donor hair.

SMP® is proving increasingly popular for such clients because sometimes a hair transplant isn’t always enough.Combined

Many hair transplant patients have enough donor hair for a transplant, but not quite enough to provide a perfect finish. This means that the result is often disappointing, with less density than the patient had hoped for. Any scars caused by hair transplant surgery will also be poorly concealed with just a think covering of transplanted hair.

SMP® can also help conceal surgical scars. Although hair transplant techniques do now cause less scarring than they used to, partly thanks to the widespread use of less invasive FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques, all transplant clients are still left with some degree of permanent scarring following their procedure.

SMP® is now commonly used as a secondary, non-surgical treatment to camouflage these scars, making them far less visible than they previously were.

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