Alopecia Camouflage Treatment

Alopecia is a hair loss disorder that affects men, women and children. The onset of hair loss is often sudden, random and frequently recurrent. Scalp MicroPigmentation is now helping alopecia sufferers around the world.

Alopecia is believed to affect approximately 1.7 percent of the world’s population, with men and women being equally affected. About 25% of alopecia sufferers have a family history of the disorder.

The cause of the problem is still unknown, and a viral or bacterial infection is often held to blame for the onset of hair loss. What is understood, however, is that alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack the hair follicles, and that it is linked to stress and anxiety disorders.Alopecia Camouflage

The success of our Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP®) treatment in terms of providing an effective alopecia camouflage has been a very welcome development for sufferers of all ages, all around the world.

SMP® is a suitable alopecia treatment for men and women of all skin types – including white, black, Asian and oriental skin tones – and can help with all types of alopecia-related hair loss.

Our innovative and expertly applied SMP® treatment is safe, effective and permanent. What’s more, it causes no damage to your hair follicles, which means that your real hair has every opportunity to grow back in the future.

This pioneering SMP® treatment for alopecia-related hair loss has now been adopted on every continent as a truly viable alternative to other alopecia solutions, such as hair systems, concealers, corticosteroid injections, topical corticosteroid creams and lotions, immunotherapy, dithranol creams and minoxidil. Although these alternative treatments do show positive results for some people, SMP® remains the only guaranteed, permanent, low maintenance and safe treatment option.

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