At SCALP Clinic, we’re the experts in using Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP®) to help people overcome the problems associated with hair loss.

This pioneering SMP® technique has helped thousands of men worldwide to achieve the youthful, modern look of a stylish, cropped hair cut – whatever the pattern or extent of their hair loss. Yes, it’s an illusion. But it’s a hugely effective one. And it can prove to be a real life-changer. Many of our clients admit that even they find themselves believing that they actually have hair.

The image below shows how our client’s hairline has been totally restored and recreated, more than 50% of the top of his head has been treated to restore the natural look of a full head of ‘buzzed’ hair. Our SMP® treatment has seamlessly blended into the bald area of scalp on the crown and perfectly integrated into the remaining hair on the sides of his head and above his ears to leave the client with a truly natural, finished result. At SCALP Clinic we consistently achieve the most realistic finished scalp MicroPigmentation results in the world.

scalp micropigmentation tattoo

Hairline before SMP® treatment

This image clearly shows the onset of hair loss taking place, in the form of a receding hairline.

scalp micropigmentation tattoos

Hairline after SMP® treatment

This image of the same client was taken following SMP® treatment at our London clinic. The hairline no longer appears receded, providing a natural, youthful appearance. But we want you to be comfortable with the idea of what we can help you achieve – and satisfied that you have come to the right SMP® treatment provider for you. So please take some time to explore the client stories and ‘before & after’ images in our Gallery and Video sections…

scalp micropigmentation hairline tattoo

The image below shows a clients head whilst undergoing his actual Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment. The darker area on the clients scalp indicates where the SMP® treatment has been applied. If you look closely at the image, the size of the SMP® recreated hair follicles, perfectly matches the size and density of the clients remaining hair. The colour of the treated area will appear darker for 1 -2 days following treatment. Once the initial redness calms down and the skin starts to heal the colour of the pigment will perfectly match the client’s remaining hair, leaving the client with the look of a full head of hair, styled as a ‘buzz cut’ that has been buzzed down to a 0.5 on a clipper.

scalp micropigmentation hair loss tattoo

Before and after SMP®

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