Many people that have undergone SMP treatment or intend to do this in future think of this question and it is important that everyone is aware of the long term implications of treatment.

The truth is that research on the SMP technique as a whole have been conducted for only 12 years so far and exclusively by SCALP Clinic, therefore no one can tell for sure how the treatment would look like in 20, 30 or more years. What’s more, it is believed that the results may be quite different depending by many individual factors in the different clients. Actually, these variances are considered to be the most important things that define how the treatment will look in future.


The co-Founder and CEO of SCALP Clinic, Ian Watson, was the first recorded man to ever have this treatment and this makes him the longest living person with this treatment so far. It is understandable that his job would involve a lot of traveling and meeting different people, potential clients, business associates and so on. This is what makes his appearance really important both for him and the company he represents. He doesn’t only need to look good only in order to feel good but also in order to be able to conduct business as successfully as possible.

What are the expectations of how the SMP treatments would look in future?

During these twelve years since Ian Watson had the treatment he only had two additional sessions. The first was to make some corrections to very small fading areas and the second was done to break up the frontal part of his hairline.

Everyone should expect that the pigments might fade a little over time. However, the good thing is that it would fade very slowly and gradually which would enable you to react to it. You would just need one short touch up session that would get everything back to when you had the treatment.

The pigments used in SCALP Clinics are dilutes of pure black which makes it impossible for them to change their colour over time like tattoo inks. So, your SMP might fade but you should know that it would never turn blue, green or any other colour.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

If there is fading you are provided with three simple and easy to do options. Your first option is to just book a touch up session to revitalise and refresh your appearance. Your second option is to have the treatment removed and reapplied and your third option is to just leave it that way – it would look as if your hair is thinning over time.