The scalp is effectively your practitioners canvas. Any artist will tell you that a great work of art starts with a clean canvas, but in the real world of hair loss, this isn’t always possible. A large number of clients come to Scalp Clinic following multiple hair transplant procedures, scalp reduction surgery, childhood or adulthood burns, lifelong skin conditions, alopecia and even cancer treatment or neuro surgery. So what can scalp micropigmentation do to help, and what are its limitations?

Clearly, the level of camouflage for blemishes like these will depend on a number of factors, not least the starting appearance of the area in question. It is also important to manage your expectations carefully. Hiding burns and other conditions using two dimensional pigmentation alone is no easy task, and the level of camouflage is not always clear until mid-way through the procedure, although we can provide you with an educated estimate expressed as a percentage, to provide you with some indication.

On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation can achieve some remarkable concealments when applied by a skilled practitioner. Even severe scars, burns and skin complaints can be hidden very effectively indeed.

This is Nick. After a multitude of so-called solutions, he turned to Scalp Clinic for help. Although not a total camouflage, the result achieved represents an incredible improvement that has enabled Nick to finally put his hair loss and scarring behind him, and move on with his life.