Getting treatment for hair loss can be a harrowing ordeal for those who are about to go through it. They do not have any first hand experience other than the stories they have been told or the feedback that has been read. Being aware of failed and mishandled operations does not help either. There is also that anxious feeling of how much pain they might feel during the session itself. It is after all a far cry from simply lathering on an anti hair loss shampoo or ingesting medication. These are just a few things that a prospective scalp micropigmentation (SMP) patient coming to our Manchester clinic could be concerned with prior to undergoing a treatment.


Wondering how good the SMP will look like is the only thing that an SMP patient should ideally be thinking about. There is a higher probability of this happening when prospective clients are confident that they are getting the best service from a clinic and technician with a proven track record. Building this kind of reputation is only established through years of excellence and constant innovation. There may be new players in the industry that can provide quality SMP treatments though they lack the prestige that comes with an established brand, and the depth of knowledge that only experience can provide.

A well-trained and experienced staff coupled with a compassionate approach work hand in hand toward providing the best SMP experience. Accomplishing this is further ensured by the use of state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and materials all geared toward achieving a perfect result each and every time. It is acknowledged however that there is always room for improvement.

This is what the SCALP Clinic strives for, looking for new and exciting ways to innovate procedures to expand the SMP service. Being able to deliver consistently however will always hold importance because every patient is treated special. Their concerns are evaluated individually, with the hair patterns customised to create the best suitable outcome for their particular skin tone and facial features.

An SMP treatment can go beyond the “just-shaven” style. It can also be implemented to work with diffuse thinning or help conceal scarring. Careful consideration must be made when performing each style because what may work for one might not necessarily be the same for the other. For a “just-shaven” look to be successful, it requires that the scalp be shaved every couple of days to maintain a smooth surface. Having existing hair grow in different places has the potential to make the bald spots with pigments look noticeable. The head should look uniform all throughout to maintain the integrity of the SMP effect. Working with existing hair on the other hand requires that the hairline is still intact and the scalp exhibits only diffuse thinning. Any noticeable balding beyond these parameters will contribute to a greater probability that the SMP will be detected. This is because the difference between the two-dimensional pigments and the three-dimensional hair strands is very obvious. The density of each should be able to work with each other for the entire SMP to work. This is the same logic that could be followed when covering up scars on the scalp. It should not look too out of place against existing hair. Otherwise, it would be best to adapt a “just-shaven” style along with this method.

This is what the Manchester branch of the SCALP Clinic has to offer. What is most important however is the dedicated and experienced staff, well trained to deliver these SMP treatments. They warmly welcome clients to the clinic’s friendly atmosphere while treating each case with the utmost discretion and professionalism.