No matter what your ethnicity, scalp micropigmentation works for white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Scandinavian and Oriental men. The process is adapted slightly to suit each clients individual needs, but the basic premise is the same. SMP recreates lost hair follicles on the scalp, and can work on any skin colour or tone.

For those with dark skin, there are actually many who believe that scalp micropigmentation looks even better on black and Asian men than on caucasians. Darker pigments are required, generally leading to a more defined appearance. The sharper, edged-up, younger-looking hairstyles that African, Afro-Caribbean and African American men often sport in their late teens and twenties are possible once again, however we maintain that an age-appropriate look is usually the way to go.

This is a recent client of Scalp Clinic.


Another recent client is shown below.

The following client is of mixed race, and had his treatment at our London clinic.