A lot of our clients would describe themselves as Asian. For the avoidance of any doubt, Americans would usually class Asians as those from Far Eastern countries like China, Malaysia and Japan. In a British context when we talk about how scalp micropigmentation looks on Asian men, we’re primarily talking about those of Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin.

The short answer to the question is that SMP looks great on Asian guys. Although there are no boundaries in terms of ethnicity as such, as people from all ethnic backgrounds can benefit from SMP, the Asian skin tone lends itself particularly well to scalp micropigmentation.


According to 2011 Census data, those who describe themselves of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin make up a combined 4.9% of the British population. However we estimate that as many as 15% of all our clients are Asian, therefore the percentage of Asian clients we treat is disproportionately high.

I believe this is for three reasons:

1. British Asian men appear to lose their hair at a younger age than their caucasian counterparts. We do not know if this is 100% true, or what the reasons may be, but this is based on our 12 years experience.

2. British Asian men are perhaps more style-conscious, and the desire to look their best is strong

3. Scalp micropigmentation looks particularly good on Asian skin tones.

There is no preset style that is requested most often. African American men for example, are more likely to request sharp defined hairlines in keeping with hairstyles that are usually associated with their culture. White caucasian men are more likely to ask for softer, broken hairlines. Asian men on the other hand ask for a broader variety of different styles, with no particular bias towards natural or defined looks.