We’ve seen them all. When it comes to male pattern baldness, the treatments available are endless. Toupees, hair transplants, foams, cover sprays, propecia pills, shampoos, combovers, even hats. All are mediocre, high-priced, or outright buncos. Lotions, shampoos and pills will wind up taking over your life. That technique often means daily use, which infringes on your own time and on your regular routine.


The cost of our treatment provides the very best value every time, when it comes to comparing scalp micropigmentation to a hair transplant. That said, it is also important to think about the hidden expenses of pills or foams as they will add up over the years and are not even guaranteed to provide results that are effective.

Looking purely at the outcomes, scalp micropigmentation has the edge yet again. It looks great every time thanks to our specialists who execute the treatment. There are little to no side effects, unlike a hair transplant that can create scars. Scalp micropigmentation creates no side effects with an immediate result once all your sessions are complete. Nobody will be able to tell you have had treatment if you don’t explicitly tell them. It is almost as though people forget you were ever losing your hair in the first place!

Scalp Micropigmentation was developed by SCALP Clinic. It represents adding pigment to one’s scalp that makes it look as though the hairs have been shaved. This pigmentation process was first developed by the co-Founder of SCALP Ian Watson in 2002. He needed to make a brand new system that combines many techniques which were used before that moment. He used it because he had a baldness problem of his own. Some years later, this has become one of the very most popular methods for treating hair loss that is an issue for lots of individuals all over the world.

The procedure is completed over a number of sessions. In these sessions our practitioner would apply pigment in miniature dots that each represent a shaved hair to your scalp. Little needles apply these pigments directly into the derma of your scalp. Two sessions are needed by most clients but in some cases more are necessary. The pigments that are used by SCALP Clinic are pure black pigments which makes them the most suitable ones for this procedure.

The most important thing everyone should check before undergoing this procedure is whether their professional is experienced enough. The companies that offer the finest service with the most highly trained practitioners, enable you to keep it a complete secret from the world as the results are so realistic.

This really is just a small insight in the various advantages of selecting scalp micropigmentation. Get in touch with one of our experts who can offer assistance and advice with any questions you may have.