Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is perhaps the most dynamic anti hair loss service available in the industry today. Not only can it effectively address the current situation of the scalp, it easily does so for any balding condition as well. It is can be applied in a relatively short period of time and its recovery period will take about three days at most. There would be a couple of months required to see the degree of fading however this is only to gauge how the pigments softened on the hairline and the way it settled in as a whole. Any health related side effects are extremely rare. It is more of the aesthetic outcome having the most number of cases that need to be remedied.

Treatment Cost

It may look easy to a casual observer though this is the result of a disciplined SMP technician using the appropriate equipment and quality materials to create such wonderful results. The pigments itself need to be layered in specific sizes, shapes, colours and clusters in order to successfully achieve a uniform appearance resulting in a semblance of hair. This should remain undetectable to a random onlooker. The work of SMP technicians should attain such mastery that even the patient’s own barber cannot tell the difference.

Being able to replicate this for each and every SMP patient is a feat in itself. Consider the fact that there are different balding conditions being treated at varying stages of its onset. Add this to the requirement that an SMP hair pattern must successfully work upon the various skin tones, blending naturally with the plethora of facial features of both men and women.

This is why getting the proper SMP training is so important. The only way to get better however is through getting the right experience and being educated by instructors who are proficient at their craft. It is this basic foundation that will spell the difference between the success and failure of an SMP technician. Constant development of skills and acquiring more experience constitutes but a part of what it takes to make it in this industry.

Empathy for the patient and passion for the job also plays an equal if not a more important role. An SMP technician should demonstrate compassion toward each and every patient he comes across. These are people who anxiously deal with their condition on a daily basis. The last thing they need is for someone to insensitively regard them as just another case after they have finally worked up the courage to seek treatment. They are people like any other going through a very touchy ordeal.

An SMP technician’s success in this field is ultimately dictated by his reputation. This is the main reason why quality SMP training is so important. A satisfied client who sees the compassion in handling his situation and the skill of the work the technician has created will certainly recommend him to potential clients. This industry relies on positive feedback based on a proven track record to have a lucrative career. Being able to achieve this does not come by accident. It is the result of hours and hours of constantly improving upon what he has learned propelled by a passionate drive to excel. It all begins with having the right foundation to build upon that can be found through quality SMP training.

At Scalp Clinic our standards of training are the highest in the world. We operate the first and best Training Academy, in which all of our practitioners are trained. Our commitment to maintaining the very best standards is delivered through this training program, a format that many try to emulate, but none succeed.