Nothing is more important in the world of SMP, than the creation of a brilliant hairline

When considering how you want your new scalp micropigmentation treatment to look, bear in mind that your frontal hairline is the most visible part of your new ‘hair’. It is the part you will scrutinise the most, and it is what almost everyone you meet will see. It is also the part of your head that can easily make your entire treatment look ‘off’ if not completed correctly. Needless to say, the importance of your frontal hairline cannot be stressed enough.

At Scalp Clinic, our practitioners receive more training in the creation of hairlines than any other single aspect of SMP. Why? Because we recognise how important your hairline is to you, and your look. A flawless treatment deserves a perfect hairline to frame your face exactly how you want it to, so we go to great lengths to ensure that you are not only satisfied, but absolutely thrilled with your new look.


Meet Arin

Arin is a client of Scalp Clinic. We mention him here because he was the recipient of what later became our most requested hairline. When he had his treatment he agreed to become a poster model, so pictures of him can be found in all our clinics. So often our clients point at his picture and say “that’s exactly what I want”. We’ve also shot a video of him, so you can see exactly what his hairline looks like.

Want to see more of Arin?

Arin’s treatment has proven to be so popular, we had him photographed in a 360 degree format so you can view every part of his scalp. Just click and drag to rotate Arin below!

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