Not all scalp micropigmentation treatments are created equal. The quality and realism of the result you achieve depends highly on which provider you choose, and how you specify your treatment. People often describe a poor quality SMP treatment as having a helmet-like appearance. Why does this happen, and how can you avoid it?

Put simply, 100% natural is the way to go. The vast majority of our clients aren’t trying to make a statement with their treatment, quite the opposite in fact, simply wishing it to look exactly like real hair so no-one will be able to tell they’ve had anything done. That’s the goal in 99% of treatments we complete.


This is exactly how a high quality scalp micropigmentation treatment should look

The helmet look occurs when the style of the treatment deviates too far from what is considered natural, primarily in the following ways:

  • The pigments used are too dark. Inexperienced practitioners often believe you can prevent fading by using darker pigments, and end up making the treatment look darker than it should. Fading is an inevitable and expected part of the process. A truly skilled practitioner makes allowances for this and plans a treatment accordingly
  • The dot density is too high. Too much pigment creates the look of a solid block of shade. This is not the desired outcome. A skilled practitioner ensures that individual dot definition is never lost. Remember, each dot is designed to mimic a single shaven hair follicle.
  • The hairline and side profiles are too defined. You want an illusion of hair. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a jousting helmet, right? Real hairlines are not perfectly straight, and nor are they precision engineered. Broken, scattered, faded hairlines are the way to go.

Please note that all our practitioners are highly trained and know exactly what they’re doing. The so-called helmet look does not occur at Scalp Clinic, however we have seen examples of this effect many, many times. Ultimately it comes down to doing your homework and choosing the right company to do your treatment in the first place.