stem cells for hair lossBreakthrough research is being carried out by top Miami surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, to determine whether stem cells could cure hair loss.

A common complaint for both men and women, hair loss appears to be a problem that’s yet to be solved. There are many treatments out there, but very few are 100% effective.

Stem cells have proven promising in the treatment of hair loss, with previous clinical trials showing great results. However, this new trial from Dr. Epstein is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA in America.

Understanding the research

While many trials have been conducted in Europe over the past seven years, as of yet the FDA has been reluctant to approve stem-cell related trials in the US. Therefore, the fact Epstein has been given the go ahead is a major step for US research.

After being approached by Kerastem, a leading Californian company interested in stem-cell research, Epstein has been able to set up a program to trial 70 patients.

It’s set to be a blind trial, so one group will be given a placebo. Fat is set to be lipo-suctioned from the participants to harvest their stem cells. It’s then going to be injected into the hair follicles to promote regrowth of thinning hair.

It’s estimated the trial will take around a year to complete and according to Epstein himself, he’s very selective over participants.

Could stem cells be the answer?

So why is stem-cell research so exciting in the hair loss field? Well, unlike any other cell of the body, stem-cells can replicate any other cell. This means they can be turned into tissue cells or blood cells for example.

Another breakthrough study that’s been recently completed saw stem cells grow human hair in a lab. So, not only could this new study find a way to prevent hair loss from happening, but stem cells could also be used to grow real hair, providing a solution for those who have already lost a lot of their hair.