burglars could be sporting the bald look from now onIt could be that we are about to see an upsurge in bald criminals, thanks to a new technique being developed in the US. We all know that DNA has become the standard and most reliable way of identifying individual but it does have its problems.

Not least it deteriorates quickly when exposed to water, light or heat. As a result, the US National Research Council issued a call for alternative highly reliable forensic identification tests in 2009 and to date, the most likely candidate is hair.

Rare mutations…

A recent report in the New Scientist sheds some light on a study into the sequencing of amino acids in hair proteins at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

The study has found that some of the mutations in the amino acid sequences could be as rare as occurring only once in every 12,500 people, making it a valuable way of identifying individuals in a crime scene.

So if you’re planning on a bank heist or just a bit of petty burglary now might be the time to go for that bald look. In fact, you may not have any criminal intentions at all but are just losing your hair and don’t want to waste time and money on hair restoration procedures that might not even work

Bald but don’t want to look it?

If you can’t face the totally bald look then Scalp micropigmentation could well be the way forward. A skilled practitioner will recreate a highly effective illusion of a real head of hair over the course of two to three sessions.

The results can be indistinguishable from the real thing, without the risk of future incrimination from actual hair strands.

The procedure is permanent, good value and low maintenance. Whilst it doesn’t replace long flowing locks the resulting look will be a close cropped buzz style which can be worn equally as comfortably in the board room as on a “job”.