bald-head-154500_960_720Baldness in men is commonly associated with ageing. However, there are many reasons men can develop bald spots throughout their lives.

One 44-year-old man, Simon Lane, suffered with baldness after a childhood accident left him with severe burns. For years he wore wigs to restore his confidence. Wanting a more permanent solution, he then underwent four hair transplants, all of which failed. As a final resort he opted for SMP treatment which subsequently changed his life.

Regaining confidence and saying goodbye to lengthy cover-ups

After having SMP, Simon was able to do things he’d avoided in the past due to lack of confidence. Prior to the treatment he spent 90 minutes each day attempting to cover up the problem. This was largely done via hair thickening concealer. He also avoided swimming and even venturing out in the rain.

It was in 2010 that he found out about SMP and underwent three treatments. He was so happy with the results that he quit his sales job and trained to become an SMP practitioner. After completing his training, he opened up his own Solihull clinic to help other men and women suffering from baldness.

What is SMP?

SMP is short for Scalp MicroPigmentation. Treatment comprises a series of micro-injections of pigment to the scalp, creating a recently shaved appearance. There are hundreds of different pigmentations available to choose from, helping to provide a completely natural look. For best results, 2-5 treatments are typically needed.

While it doesn’t restore the hair, it does provide a realistic shaved style. When viewed from around six inches away, it looks exactly like real hair. It’s cheaper than hair transplants and the majority of people who undergo the treatment are 100% happy with the results.

So just how permanent is the treatment?

Most people find the results last from 8-15 years. However, it depends upon each individual. How strong your immune system is and how long you spend in the sun for example, will all determine how long SMP treatment lasts. Just like tattoos on any part of the body, the pigments will fade over time. That’s when touch ups are required.

It’s also worth noting that SMP treatment can be reversed. So if you find you aren’t happy with the results, you aren’t stuck with them forever. Overall SMP has helped to change many lives and is a great long-term solution if your hair loss is negatively affecting your life.