balding headHair loss can be a distressing condition for many sufferers. Its onset can trigger lower self-esteem and self-image resulting in a lack of confidence and sometimes clinical depression. It’s hardly surprising then that there is such a wide range of potential treatments for hair loss, many of which make dubious claims about levels of success.

The hair loss minefield

The truth is that anyone attempting to address hair loss is entering a minefield. Firstly, not all hair loss is attributable to the same condition. There are vast differences between male pattern baldness and alopecia areata, for example and there is no single solution for every form of hair loss.

Secondly many of the treatments are misunderstood. There are no magical cures for hair loss, which will completely revitalise the scalp and return a thick head of hair to the owner. It is a question of managing expectations about the potential results with even the best treatments.

Whilst there are some highly questionable (and often expensive) treatments available, such as stem cell therapy or biofiber transplants, which could cause more problems than they solve, there are also some well established remedies.

Minoxidil is an approved drug, applied to the scalp which has proven results in terms of arresting hair loss. It doesn’t work for everyone and it doesn’t generate new growth but with patience and continued use it can be effective.

If you want guaranteed results

There is one solution available to all baldness sufferers that offers guaranteed results. It won’t return the lengthy luxurious locks of youth but it will create a highly effective illusion of a full head of hair, albeit tightly cropped.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is increasingly being adopted by men as a solution to baldness. It’s a non-invasive procedure, carried out by highly skilled practitioners which permanently creates a clean, sharp “buzz cut”. Whilst this style may not suit everyone it’s a low maintenance solution with no need to continuously apply oils, take tablets etc and most importantly of all it has guaranteed results.

There is no substitute for good advice. Talk to your GP, your barber and make an appointment with one of the many reputable specialist hair loss clinics who should be able to advise you about the right treatment for you and your hair.