Mustard oil for hair loss: does it work?When it comes to treating hair loss, there are many different miracle solutions that frequently surface, claiming to solve your hair loss worries forever. One of the most recent solutions to do the rounds is mustard oil for hair loss.

So how exactly is mustard oil supposed to work and is there any truth behind its claims?

Why is mustard oil for hair loss advertised?

Mustard oil has actually been used for decades as a remedy for various issues. Before traditional medicine, people used a wide range of natural remedies to cure their various ailments.

There are several reasons it is linked to healthy hair including the fact it conditions, contains a high level of antioxidants and it’s a good scalp massager. When you look into tips to promote healthy hair, you’ll soon discover nutrients play an important part.

The number of nutrients mustard oil is said to contain is outstanding, though whether or not it does contribute to healthy hair is another matter entirely.

In terms of conditioning, it’s thought to be the alpha fatty acids contained in the oil that leave the hair feeling nourished. It is also said to help with blood circulation when massaged into the scalp.

So does it work?

Simply put, it’s undecided whether using mustard oil for hair loss actually works. There is no real scientific evidence to suggest it could be used as a hair loss solution. However, trying it isn’t going to cause any harm and you may experience other benefits due to its high nutrient content.

Overall however, it is recommended you visit a doctor and see what is causing the problem before using mustard oil for hair loss. Some types of hair loss will not improve with nutrient-based solutions.

The cause could be an underlying medical condition for example, in which case it would need to be treated with appropriate medication.