investigators back up claims that lead caused hair lossFlint’s water crisis has caused various issues for the inhabitants of the town. Originally it surfaced that the high levels of lead in the water supply made it unsafe to drink but now it has been proven that the lead in the water is causing scalp conditions for the citizens of Flint.

Symptoms of aggressive rashes and hair loss are among the worse health conditions that the people are facing, which have come from the water source in the town.

The backstory

The water crisis began in 2014 and tensions in the city have heightened with the release of new information brought from the investigation into the extent that the water has affected the health of the residents.

The crisis started when the emergency manager made the decisions to switch to the water supply from the Flint River which was left untreated by the state. Normally, corrosion control chemicals would have been used to treat the water first.

Dermatologists link lead to hair loss

Tensions are running high among the residents as the state had told them that the water would be safe to bathe in and that there was no link between the river water and the rashes many of them were developing.

However, as residents began to visit local doctors and dermatologists, 80% of people were found to have developed these rashes as a direct result of bathing in the water.

Health advisors have now told residents who are experiencing hair loss and rashes to contact doctors and dermatologists in order to get treatment. The results from the investigation have highlighted just how important it is for all citizens to have access to clean water and the devastating effect it can have on the human body when subjected to water with high lead content.

Charcoal shampoo

One possible treatment for hair affected by lead poisoning is charcoal shampoo with numerous hair salons in Flint are coming together to offer free treatments to the residents affected by lead poisoning.

It is worth stating that all water supplies can contain some levels of lead and it will not affect the general population but the citizens of Flint have been exposed to severe lead poisoning. Severe lead poisoning causes everything from hair loss to high blood pressure to cancer in the worst cases.

The residents of Flint are still dealing with the water crisis and are being advised to visit their doctors at any signs of health conditions that could have developed using the water supply.