hair loss informationA hair loss sufferer has used his experience to help others with the launch of a great new online hair loss information resource site known as Rescue My Hair.

After developing alopecia, Steven Laventine experienced a severe drop in self-confidence and has struggled for years in his battle to regain a healthy, full head of hair. He’s hoping the new resource site will help others suffering from the condition in their search for information and a cure.

An excellent source of hair loss information

The site offers a wealth of hair loss information on the various medical causes behind hair loss. It largely focuses on alopecia areata, though it is important to note that not all hair loss conditions are alopecia related.

The hair can start to fall out and become thinner for a wide range of reasons. Therefore, while the site can be extremely useful, it is worth having your hair checked out by a professional in order to get a proper diagnosis.

There are actually numerous types of alopecia. While it is largely associated with complete loss of hair, most types of alopecia only affect specific parts of the scalp. So educating yourself on the different types is important before you start to panic.

There are also, as the site points out, various remedies and treatments available that can help you to regain your hair, or at least disguise the thinner patches.

Comparing the different treatments available

One thing is for sure – there is no shortage of products out there claiming to help with hair loss. One of the most useful parts of the new site is in-depth hair loss information on the different products and treatments available.

It highlights the benefit of things such as scalp massage for encouraging hair regrowth, along with beneficial essential oils which can also help.

Hair loss can be devastating and it affects both genders. This new resource site is a great starter point for anybody currently struggling with hair loss or who simply want to learn more about alopecia.