Eat more fat to prevent hair lossWhilst the prevailing nutritional advice is still to recommend a low fat diet as the most healthy lifestyle choice, there is growing momentum towards lower carb intake with a realisation that some fats might actually be helpful. And research suggests eating more fat can even prevent hair loss.

A recent article in the Mumbai Mirror asserts that eating the right kind of fats can prevent heart disease, and encourage weight loss (presumably with a significant reduction in carbohydrate rich foods). On top of these benefits, which the article almost takes for granted it lists several other strong reasons for switching to a fattier diet.

How a fat-rich diet can improve your health…

Recent studies in the US have indicated that people eating the healthiest fats might have a significantly reduced risk of suffering from dementia. It also points to a connection between lack of dietary fat and neurodegenerative diseases; mental disorders; aggressive behaviour; ADD and autism.

It’s not just the brain that’s affected though as the article goes on to espouse the intake of fats to help reduce inflammation and autoimmune disease, improve your sex life and enhance sports performance.

… and prevent hair loss

Many men will be delighted to read that eating more fat could also be a way to prevent hair loss, a condition that affects two thirds of the male population by the time they hit their 30s.

A deficiency of Omega 3 fats (found in plants, nuts and fish mainly) can lead dry, itchy, flaky skin and cause the hair to become dry, stiff and tangled or just simply to fall out.

Whilst omega 3 in itself won’t completely prevent hair loss or help restore lost hair, it will promote a healthier scalp and contribute to lubricating hair follicles, adding elasticity and a shine to the hair.

It’s no coincidence that trainers give race horses flax seeds, which are a rich source of omega 3, to promote a beautiful shiny coat.

So next time you head for the low fat products in the supermarket keep in mind that you might actually be doing yourself more harm than good if you deprive yourself of those helpful healthy fats.