Is SMP right for meIf you’re not discovered scalp micropigmentation (known as SMP, for short) yet, it is an increasingly popular solution to hair loss. The procedure involves delivering specially-created pigments into the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles. Many men suffering from androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness, opt for SMP because it doesn’t involve any surgery or any serious medications and it’s safe. There are no risks involved.

Will SMP work for you?

SMP has a number of benefits, especially compared to other hair loss solutions:

  1. SMP will give you the appearance of a head full of hair. The SMP procedure is great for filling in areas of hair loss on the scalp to achieve the appearance of hair follicles. Generally, clients keep their existing hair closely-shaven so the hair follicles all ‘appear’ the same length, however SMP can also help if you have diffuse hair thinning and you’re keen to keep your hair longer. SMP can be performed all over the scalp to create more depth and disguising thinning.
  2. SMP will give you the appearance of a hairline. Most men experiencing pattern baldness use SMP to simulate a hairline, the style of which is something they can choose. SMP can also just be used to fill in any thinning areas so you can keep your hair length and be happy with your hairline.
  3. SMP will disguise your alopecia symptoms. If you’re afflicted with alopecia areata, SMP can be used to camouflage its symptoms. Small round areas of hair loss are the usual results of alopecia areata and they can vary in size and often the hair will regrow only for another bald patch to form in a different area of the scalp. Clients can either have the individual bald patches treated or choose to undergo a full scalp treatment that will give them peace of mind.
  4. SMP will hide scars from surgeries or accidents. Sometimes hair transplants can result in unsightly scars across the scalp. Trauma can also result in scars on the head that only become obvious when you start to experience hair loss. SMP can hide these scars by merging them with the rest of the existing hair.