black tea for hair lossThey say a nice cup of tea will solve everything, but have you heard of using black tea for hair loss?

Stocked in most kitchen cupboards, black tea specifically (as it is more oxidised than other types of tea), has lots of health benefits – as well as being the caffeine pick-me-up that people crave.

Black tea for hair loss – the theory

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is one of the main causes of baldness. The reason black tea is said to reduce hair loss is that it contains DHT blockers.

In addition, it is also said to be a natural dye for greyness, prevent split ends, rejuvenate dull hair, treat dandruff and greasy hair and helps hair grow strong.

According to one study by Harvard University, consuming black tea lowered DHT levels by 72% and raised testosterone by 35%. The study, carried out on mice, shone light on the fact that it can in fact prevent or reduce the rate of hair loss.

How to use black tea for hair loss

Other than consuming black tea, it can be used as a hair rinse to avoid hair shredding. Some people also use freshly brewed tea leaves as part of a scalp massage. This is said to provide oxygen to the hair, stimulating growth.
The lifespan of a strand of hair is seven years. Hair naturally shreds and regrows. Hair health starts on the inside … with what you eat and drink.

As well as black tea, there are more food types which can help hair growth, strength and condition…

Spinach – high in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, it helps hair strands grown strong

Nuts – the oils in nuts, such as walnuts, help hair growth

Fish – magnesium is good for hair growth and many types of fish include this

Eggs – eating the egg yolk and whites is a good source of Vitamin D – great for healthy hair

Carrots – a rich source of Vitamin A, as well as helping your eye health

So there you have it, your morning cuppa can also double up as a useful hair treatment and one that anybody who is worried about hair loss would be wise to try.