The exact, flawless replication of real hair on the scalp is a complex and highly detailed affair, and not one that should be attempted by anyone who feels they can ‘have a go’. Imagine for a moment the thousands and thousands of real hairs you have (or once had) on your scalp. To create a realistic illusion of these hairs takes time, dedication and patience, and a huge amount of talent and experience to perfect.

Please be clear – scalp micropigmentation is not just a case of putting dots on the scalp. When performed by a trained and talented practitioner, each ‘dot’ is designed to replicate the size, shape and location of a real hair follicle. This is not an easy task, and furthermore this task must be completed several thousand times to create the required illusion.

How exactly is this achieved?

All our practitioners are trained to perform scalp micropigmentation the same way, for consistently flawless results. The exact nature of this training is a proprietary secret, however we can tell you that the training period is long and highly intensive. Practitioners learn from the very best in the world how to apply pigmentation to the scalp to achieve the finest results imaginable. This requires a combination of different penetration depths, angles, pigment selections and deposit patterns, as well as a myriad of different machine settings, to create the desired result time after time.

Needless to say our process cannot be copied. It must be trained by us and perfected through experience. When applied correctly, there is little doubt that SMP is one of the best remedies for hair loss available, anywhere in the world.

Considerations when choosing your provider

Other providers exist of course, following the huge success of our process around the world, since we created it in 2002. Some providers produce acceptable results, others do not.

Our technique is only available in our clinics, performed by our practitioners. All other providers offer their interpretation of our technique, nothing more. Also consider the time they have had to perfect their technique. We have been established since 2002 and can therefore offer 12 years of experience, whilst almost every other provider around the world has been offering scalp micropigmentation procedures for less than 3 years.

Also consider their aftercare procedure. Does your provider really offer an in-depth knowledge of how their treatment holds up over an extended period of time? If they were established in 2012 for example (when a lot of todays providers were established), how can they possibly know? Subsequently, how can they offer aftercare advice, when they have no idea how their own procedure appears after 1, 2, 5 or 10 years? They’re either guessing, or simply telling you what they think you want to hear.

It’s your head we’re talking about

If you have a tattoo, or laser hair removal, or a spray tan or whatever, if it goes wrong it’s really not that big a deal. Scalp micropigmentation however, is most definitely a big deal. This is your appearance, your reputation, your life and your confidence. How people perceive you is affected greatly by how you look. The last thing you want is to make the wrong choice and receive an unsatisfactory result.

Get it right first time. If ever there is something worth spending a little extra on to ensure the best quality result, it is surely this. Invest in yourself, and your treatment will give you an immeasurable boost in confidence and self-esteem, exactly as scalp micropigmentation is intended to do.