Tattoos can be a beautiful thing to look at when it is done with passion and skill. It is symbolic of the artist’s ability to portray a certain image upon a living canvas that is a person’s skin. How well it is able to adapt and work together with the bearer’s appearance can magnify its impact. Its purpose is to induce a certain image or feeling by anyone who is viewing it.

A cheap scalp micropigmentation procedure might generate powerful emotions as well, though not in a positive way. Most likely, it will be a source of embarrassment for the person who was unwittingly subjected to such work. It can be remedied through laser removal though it is unsure who would be responsible to pay for it. Such could be avoided, along with the inconvenience of having to constantly explain the situation in a social setting.

SMP with longer hair

This is exactly how SMP should look

An inferior procedure is likely to appear discoloured and out of place. Pigments might look bluish, sometimes even greenish. Patchy looking designs that could also look blotted in some areas add on to its awkward appearance. Using inks not intended for scalp micropigmentation can highly influence this occurrence. Technicians who are not adept and lack sufficient experience can easily make mistakes. They can mishandle the procedure by using incorrect needles and give inadequate guidance regarding its aftercare. As a result, infection might set in because the patient was unaware how to properly care for a freshly layered scalp. An unhygienic facility could likewise be one of the main factors why this situation would come about.

Having something that looks like a bad tattoo might be difficult to prevent if the potential patient does not know the warning signs. It is true that a novice in scalp micropigmentation may view this in the same light as tattooing. The method might appear alike though there are differences in a lot of aspects. Some steps are not even found in the other discipline.

A scalp micropigmentation procedure is a technical process whose only aim is to camouflage hair loss. It seeks discretion and avoids attention. This can only be possible through the skill of well-trained technicians using high-grade materials, coupled with equipment specifically intended for scalp micropigmentation. The element of discovery for this procedure is so sensitive that any form of detection will make it lose its potency in the mind of the patient. He relies on this treatment to mask his condition. If it only serves to attract more scrutiny then it has failed to serve its objective.

Anyone can walk into a first-class clinic and be confident to get the best results upon their exit. It is understandable however that these establishments charge a larger amount than others because of the excellent quality of their service. The price of a premium scalp micropigmentation procedure is around £2500-3000. Anything less, and you should question exactly what you’re getting for your money.

It is easy to recognise inferior clinics through the way they price their services coupled with the experience of its staff. Charging at a lower price is only possible when the materials used are of diminished potency and the technicians hired are not so experienced. Some unscrupulous establishments might even disregard any form of standards altogether, freeing them of further expenses and increasing their profit margins. The natural result would only be an inferior looking hair design that would look more like a bad tattoo than a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Due diligence and a sufficient amount of research can prevent this from happening. Asking about the technician’s qualifications will most likely reveal his capacity to provide service of good quality. Speaking with actual clients about their experience is however the best method to receive an accurate report about a clinic.