Not many people would want to have their SMP® removed but it is important for everyone undergoing this procedure to be well aware of how they can remove it if they want to in the future. You should not be worried as it can be removed easily.

This is actually one of SMP®’s greatest advantages. If in the future, you want to have it removed or you want do modify it in any why this can easily be done which is not possible with most other hair loss treatments.

The first reason why you may want to have it removed is that you want to adjust your treatment. Almost all SCALP Clinic clients that have opted for a removal procedure have done so because they wanted a modification to be made and it required a re-application.

With time passing these clients will probably grow in numbers too. This is mainly due to the fact that when you were choosing the finer details of your SMP® treatment, you have wanted one thing and when you grow older you might think that this no longer suits you. If your SMP® was performed by SCALP Clinic, you can always make modifications.

The second reason why you might want this procedure is that you want the whole treatment removed. SCALP Clinic was founded more than ten years ago and since then we’ve had only a tiny handful of clients that wanted their treatment fully removed. This was because they simply changed their minds and didn’t want it anymore.

The pigments used in SCALP Clinics are usually easily removed for only one laser session but some clients might need more sessions, perhaps two, in order to have it fully removed. However, the removal session lasts a little longer compared to a hairline adjustment because it covers much bigger area. You are also offered with the possibility to have your SMP® removed in stages as you grow older.

The third reason why you might want the SMP® removed is because you received your treatment in another clinic and you are not pleased with the results. It is really bad that some people are just trying to provide such procedures without having the necessary qualification, experience and even equipment in some cases.

SMP® is not an easy treatment to perform well. It demands a lot of knowledge and experience in order to be perfected. It is definitely nothing like the techniques that are used by tattoo artists or makeup artists. If you hear from another company that the techniques are the same, it is recommended that you run and never go back there. It is always advisable to ask for some visible proof of the results from previous clients.

Even though it was mentioned that the SCALP Clinics pigments can be removed in just one session this is not always true for pigments applied by other companies. That is why you should be aware of the fact that you might need to have more than one session in order to have the SMP® fully removed. Some of our clients have needed as many as ten sessions in order to get the full removal they wanted.