Many men that have fair hair and also some hair loss problems want to undergo a SMP treatment but have wondered whether this is possible. Actually, most people think that this procedure is only created with those with darker hair and skin. However, this is not the truth at all – fair haired men are being treated all the time and this is not a well known fact only because fewer cases of fair haired men have been documented.

Men with blonde hair are often being treated. The thing is that not all of them have a really fair hair but the process is also a viable choice for those men that have hair that is as light as it comes.


What is different with fair haired clients?

The main difference is that the practitioner is more cautious when choosing the appropriate pigment shade. There are different shades and they are numbered – 20s, 30s, 40s and so on. The lightest available shade is 60 but it is used really rarely. Most blonde males make the best use of shades somewhere around number 40 or 50, but it can vary from case to case.

Is this possible for the ones with the lightest hair?

What the procedure does is that it recreates the hair follicles on the scalp. And here is where the minor problem comes for really fair haired men – their follicles are so light that they are barely seen. However, there is always a solution. These men start with a really light shade in their first session. After that they use slightly darker pigments for the following sessions which would enable your hair to perfectly blend with the treated area. The other option for these men is to use a darker shade but to always keep their head shaved so that it isn’t visible. This option can also prove to be very successful.

Remember that how dark you can go is ultimately limited by your complexion and the colour of your eyebrows and other facial hair.

Everyone who chooses to undergo this procedure in order to hide their thinning hair or camouflage their baldness should be aware of the fact that it really works regardless of your hair colour. What is great about this treatment is that it can be modified in any way so that it can fit to as many as possible clients. The experienced practitioners never follow some specific rules. Instead, they pick up individual treatment plans for every single client on a case by case basis.