Struggling to find a solution to his own hair loss problems, the college student set out to create his own treatment, now making him and his organic products an international success story

ryan-zamoRyan Zamo the CEO of his now very successful company, Z Skin Cosmetics, took his own issues with hair and skin and made them internationally selling products within months. Struggling to find an answer to his rapidly thinning hair, the college student decided to create his own homemade hair loss treatment, 4 months later his hair care line “Z Hair” has become an internationally applauded system.

“I gave up trying after nothing else worked, pills, creams, you name it. I was just hopeless at that point”, said the 25-year-old. Zamo began slowly researching the causes of hair loss, how to prevent it, and ways to treat it, he said “I was doing all this research and what I kept seeing was that herbal remedies seemed to be the best. Then it clicked, all I needed to do was ask my parents to help me”. And going to ask his parents for help would prove to be his real “million dollar idea”.

“Well, my mom is a retired plant biologist and horticulturist, and my father grew up in Budapest, Hungary. My mom let me in on her extensive background and knowledge of plants, and my father shared with me how he and his family would use herbal remedies when he was growing up”, said the young CEO. Zamo took the weeks of research he did and the new knowledge he gained from his parents, and got to work. “I wasn’t really sure it would actually work, I was hoping it would just kind of turn out the right way at first, and I could work on it from there”, said Zamo.

After seeing positive results from his first product, Ryan Zamo decided to continue his adventure of creating his own hair loss system. His final line of products would include an ingredient deck spanning across the globe, saying, “The recipes I’ve created are a mixture of centuries of ancient herbal traditions from around the world that have been used for hair, even including some of Cleopatra’s”.

As the launch of Z Hair began to gain momentum and attention, the 25-year-olds original product line “Z Skin”, was already winning awards around the world for its remarkable ability to beat leading commercial skincare brands. “I don’t know how else to describe it besides crazy. I mean, within months I went from a college student complaining about my acne and hair loss, to being able to help people around the world with the same problem. I never thought when I started all of this that I would be given such amazing opportunities, and on top of that, people actually like my products. I work about 19 hours a day, but to me it truly isn’t work, I love every second of it. No one is making me do this, its so rewarding to know I can help people that are struggling with the same issues” added the 25-year-old.

Today, his company Z Skin Cosmetics, has become a globally recognised name in organic hair and skincare products. According to recent reports, the young CEO has also found himself in a bidding war with some of the biggest corporations in the world, hoping the 25-year-old will soon sell out his secrets to his widely successful products. “I don’t plan on giving in anytime soon, though it would be nice have a fat bank account, no amount of money can replace the joy I get from doing this” Zamo told us.

The college student continues to stay in touch with each customer as much as possible, offers advice to new customers and answers each phone call, email and inquiry personally. His determination and drive to help others with the same issues he struggled with, has truly made him a dark horse in the organic industry.

His international success mirrors that of Scalp Clinic co-Founder Ian Watson, who developed the world’s first scalp micropigmentation technique back in 2002. SMP has since gone on to become a global phenomenon and has changed the lives of around 30,000 balding men so far. Find out more about our history, or feel free to contact us for information.